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EDI technology delivers multiple possibilities and solutions in accordance with the needs and requirements set by trading partners.

At EDICOM we have been providing services adapted to the reality of businesses and their processes for over 20 years. We analyse the situation and market challenges to develop and implement streamlined solutions targeted at solving business problems in any industry anywhere in the world.

These are the solutions we offer for these particular needs:

01 Getting started with an EDI project

Digitisation and automation define the industry of today and for the future. Multinationals increasingly require suppliers to use EDI technology to ensure automated, secure communications. If you need to implement an EDI solution in your business, it’s  good to be across the specific project needs so you can decide on the best solution to implement in your firm.

02 ERP integration

It is customary for a company to have different management systems in the different countries where it operates. Multistandard, multi-protocol solutions like EDICOM’s make it possible to ensure integration with the leading ERPs on the market: SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, JD Edwards, etc.

03 Expanding my EDI solution globally

The number of companies using an EDI solution is climbing. Once the solution is up and running, it becomes simpler and faster to expand it across all your trading partners. But there are also ways you can connect with suppliers that don’t have an EDI solution which allow your company to automate and integrate all its processes with them.

04 Compliance with the NHS e-Procurement Strategy

The e-Procurement Strategy implemented in the NHS requires trusts and their suppliers to adopt two standards: GS1 and PEPPOL. The EDICOM solution features a certified PEPPOL access point and a GS1-approved e-catalogue. It is also a scalable platform that integrates with your management system, has a global reach and delivers high service availability.

05 Issue e-Invoices to various Latin-American countries

A company that needs to issue e-invoices to Latin American countries will come across a variety of different legal and technical requirements between one nation and another: e-signature, preliminary measures, connection with public organisations...To facilitate adaptation, a company should have an integrated solution that can adapt to the legal requirements of each place.

06 e-Invoicing compliance with several European Public Administrations

Directive 2014/55 brings the e-invoice format with public administrations into line across Europe and will make it mandatory for use in public procurement across all Member States starting in April 2019. One of its key goals is to ensure cross-border interoperability, meaning that enterprises will have to comply with the laws in force in each country.

07 Comply with electronic VAT legislations in Europe

Tax organisations around the world are working towards e-tax compliance to boost tax checks, simplify proceedings and automate monitoring processes. The current landscape features different models and this hinders the adaptation of firms that need to adapt to local tax systems and have electronic solutions that automate communications with tax authorities.

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