EDICOMData, certified GDSN Data Pool to connect with the NHS

Sync your products seamlessly with the National Health Service via GDSN

Achieve GDSN compliance with our Data Pool

EDICOMData is the electronic catalogue developed by EDICOM to sync product data between NHS suppliers, distributors, and retailers. Through our data pool, you can comply with NHS requirements and boost the efficiency of your article master updates.

  1. Certified Solution

    GDSN Data Pool approved by GS1, accrediting us as a catalogue ready to connect with any of the others forming part of the GDSN network.

  2. Data Validation

    Outsourcing service for data validation according to the GS1 quality framework and NHS requirements.

  3. Data Mapping

    Automatic data transformation into the standard required by GS1 to operate in the GDSN Network.

  4. Data Integration

    B2B data integration with the customer's information management system or directly to the Product Master system

How does the GDSN network work?

Once products have been identified using GS1 standards (GTIN and GLN), manufacturers and suppliers upload the data from their master product file through a certified data pool.

GS1 uses the GDSN network to that end, connecting all approved e-Catalogues.

The data pool will synchronise communications between the public organisation and its supply chain. This ensures that item information will always be up to date and provides full traceability throughout the supply process.

The core benefit of this step is that it will increase patient security and facilitate the use of products with more precise instructions. The solution will also reduce surplus goods and power better item expiry date management.

Benefits of using EDICOMData

  • Traceability throughout the supply process
  • Access to all partners
  • Cost savings from automating information exchange
  • Enhanced sales-process efficiency based on permanently updated information

The use of common product-data repositories is essential to achieving efficiency in the healthcare sector supply chain. It means that all partners handle the same information on each product, preventing confusion and error.

More about EDICOMData

GS1 Master Data Management strategy

The NHS e-Procurement strategy leverages GS1 standards and GDSN network connectivity to create a single repository which identifies products from all its suppliers and can be synchronised automatically.

This way, manufacturers and suppliers can upload the data from their master product file through a GS1 Certified Data Pool.

The aim of the GS1 Master Data Management strategy is to identify all those products in a single repository, synchronized automatically and permanently with the suppliers.

Steps to achieve GS1 compliance

  1. Product identification

    Allocating a GTIN (GS1 product identifier) to products at each packaging hierarchy level.

  2. Company identification

    Allocating a GLN (Global Location Number) for each location in the company's organisational structure.

  3. Data generation

    Prepare your inhouse system to generate data according to the GS1 standards.

  4. GDSN connectivity

    Upload product data via a GDSN Certified Data Pool. The use of an e-catalogue enables automatic synchronisation of product data with the network.

Looking for a PEPPOL Access Point provider?

Our certified EDICOM PEPPOL access point makes it possible for both suppliers and hospitals to work in an automated, integrated fashion.

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