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NHS solutions for suppliers

One of the challenges facing industry sector suppliers is integrating their ERPs with NHS trust information systems in accordance with the NHS e-Procurement strategy to:

  1. Receive purchase orders

  2. Send ASN messages (with SSCC codes included) and e-Invoices

  3. Generate logistic labels to be attached on the pallets and boxes

Automate the whole order-to-cash process with the NHS

Receive orders and send ASNs and invoices carrying GS1 GTIN and GLN data to more than 250 buying entities.

Implement an e-Catalogue integrated with your ERP

NHS suppliers must synchronise their product databases with the ones managed by the different trusts to whom they supply their goods. To do so they have to publish logistics information on their products in a GDSN e-Catalogue in accordance with the standards defined by GS1 International.

Synchronising supplier and trust product master data will simplify the process of issuing and receiving more precise purchase orders, driving a reduction in errors thanks to information-sharing between hospitals and suppliers.

EDICOMData is the EDICOM GDSN catalogue which makes it possible to not just synchronise the information required by the NHS but share additional data on the different products in accordance with each trust's particular requirements.

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Connectivity with the entire PEPPOL network

With a PEPPOL Access Point you can connect not just with your NHS partners.

A PEPPOL AP provides the opportunity to connect with any other trading partner who works with has an Access Point.

Advantages of EDICOM PEPPOL AP

Long-term document e-Archiving

Business operations work with evidence documenting the contractual relationship between suppliers and customers.

The importance of this evidence led us to develop a long-term archiving solution to preserve purchase orders, despatch advice messages and related invoices in any transaction with the NHS.

The solution is EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long Term Archiving), which acts as a certified e-Archiving service in accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation 910/2014 with the guarantee of EDICOM as a Qualified Trust Service provider.

Towards a paper-free future

100% secure and scalable EDI platform

Once an integration solution with the NHS has been implemented, it can easily be scaled to other trading partners (private hospitals, insurance companies, wholesalers, etc.), positively impacting costs and the direct benefits of having an international EDI platform.

NHS compliance requirements for suppliers

If you are a supplier to Britain's national health service, you should follow these steps to comply with the requirements established by its e-Procurement strategy.

  • Sign a statement of commitment.

  • Become a GS1 member.

  • Allocate a GS1 location identifier for your company.

  • Add the NHS acute trusts GS1 GLN identifiers to your company systems.

  • Allocate a GS1 product identifier to your products.

  • Establish the capability and sustainable processes needed to extract and consolidate product and price information required by the NHS.

  • Implement electronic orders and invoices using the PEPPOL standard with GS1 identifiers.

  • Affix GS1 compliant barcode labels to your product packaging.

  • Enter standardised product data for your products into a GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network compliant data pool.

NHS e-Procurement solutions for Trusts

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