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Electronic services for NHS trusts

Integrated electronic solutions boost process efficiency and help deliver a better patient service. Bolster your visibility, security and traceability with the complete automation of your electronic document flow:

  1. Send purchase orders automatically

  2. Receive invoices

  3. Receive despatch advice messages

  4. Master product catalogue synchronisation

Send your purchase orders automatically

Internal hospital management systems should have an EDI solution to automatically send purchase orders to all their stakeholders. Previously, to compose the purchase order, the system will request product information from the electronic catalogue network.

Integrated EDI solution

Receive invoices and despatch advice messages

Efficiency in electronic document sending is supplemented with the automatic and integrated reception of incoming documents such as invoices and despatch advice messages.

A comprehensive and complete EDI solution means you can automate the entire flow of commercial exchanges, bringing key benefits such as cost reductions, shorter invoice processing times and greater administrative process efficiency by integrating all information in your ERP.

Integrated EDI Solution

Connectivity with the entire PEPPOL network

With a PEPPOL Access Point not only can you connect with your NHS partners, it gives you access to any other enterprise or entity that also has a PEPPOL connection point anywhere in the world.

Advantages of EDICOM PEPPOL AP

Immediate synchronisation of updated product information

Having a GDSN catalogue integrated with the ERP facilitates the interchange and synchronisation of product information to any partner with access to the GDSN catalogue network.

When it comes to sending purchase orders through an authorised catalogue like EDICOMData, a hospital can receive and consult product information that has been fully updated by the suppliers.

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Efficient supplier onboarding services

Partner integration and connection are tasks that require time and effort and can determine the success of any e-Commerce project.

To facilitate this process, we offer a supplier onboarding service for the integration of your trading partners. The service entails the adoption of an active role by specialised technical officers tasked with contacting and integrating the stakeholders involved. You can also follow each partner’s evolution through the Onboarding Web Tool collaborative solution.

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Electronic archiving with probative value

When the document exchange in a commercial relationship has ended it is vitally important to archive the document properly and for the stipulated time. In the healthcare industry it is even more important as it also concerns patient information that must stay confidential.

As eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider, we provide a long-term electronic archiving service that gives documents probative value thanks to the application of the security mechanisms mentioned in Regulation No. 910/2014.

Towards a paper-free future

NHS compliance requirements for trusts

Information extracted from the DoH’s GS1 and PEPPOL Adoption Compliance Timeline for Demonstrator Trusts September 2017

  • Global Location Numbering identification.

  • Catalogue management for product data exchange.

  • Patient identification.

  • Inventory management across all Trust departments.

  • Purchase-to-pay process through PEPPOL AP.

  • Product safety recall.

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