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The evolution in communications, the improvement of technologies and outreach on the benefits of electronic data interchange solutions (shorter response times, better security, error elimination, etc.) have entailed a revolution for people who adopt these types of tools across various corporate areas in addition to purchases and sales. Electronic data interchange technologies have proven to be a key partner in tracking transactions, tax data and finance management, used to integrate the processes handled in multiple information systems.

These are some of the roles that the B2B2G data integration solutions that we have implemented for more than 15,000 customers worldwide exploit on a daily basis.

01 CEO & Controller

CEOs and/or controllers require an overview of their organisation to supervise the core processes that affect daily planning and management. The need to optimise workflows demands real-time structured data to develop management indicators for quick decision-making. Controlling daily purchase orders from key customers and the collection status of sent invoices are just two of the many indicators that chief executives and controllers can harness with data integration solutions.

02 Purchase Manager

Customer service is dependent on various aspects, with purchase management one of the most important. Having the right stock of products or raw materials to guarantee end customer supply at all times is critical, and it is vitally important to make the entire process flexible and secure with regards the issue and receipt of all the transactions that customer-supplier relations entail (purchase orders, despatch advice messages, invoices to pay, etc.). Linked to the most traditional form of EDI is a wide range of electronic data interchange solutions for purchase managers.

03 Operations Manager

The work of operations managers is focused on multiple corporate areas and supply chain optimisation is the key element where most of their efforts are concentrated. Having accurate and relevant information on customer delivery forecasts is vital. It is also essential to relate these forecasts with raw material supply processes. The two can be connected through data integration solutions for operation managers. 

04 Accounts Payable Manager

Procurement and admin processes must be consolidated to manage accounts payable. This is the only efficient and flexible approach to take to supplier payment transactions.  Data integration technologies applied to supplier payment management makes it possible to automate the logging of all related transactions (purchase orders, despatch advice messages and invoices). Automation can be achieved through EDI exchanges with suppliers or dedicated portals for partners not prepped for EDI integration, as adopting electronic data interchange solutions for accounts payable managers is essential for business.

05 Accounts Receivable Manager

One of the processes that requires the greatest dedication in a business is accounts receivable management. Linked to these transactions are operations entailing the issue of invoices, their shipment, control of their receipt by the customer and overdue invoice management to claim payment. All of these operations can be automated to a large extent, simplifying some of the tasks associated with accounts receivable management. The possibility of generating documents directly from the invoicing system and sending them instantly to both EDI-integrated customers and those that are not saves a great deal of work and enables the implementation of control mechanisms for each invoice sent. Shorter response times, process automation and the certainty of the customer receiving your documents are just some of the advantages that make it well worthwhile adopting data integration solutions for accounts receivable management.  

06 Tax Manager

Many government agencies across Europe have embraced measures to automate the filing of invoice-related taxes such as VAT using e-communications. Latin America is also making e-invoicing mandatory as a fiscal control mechanism in transactions by businesses throughout the continent. In both places this poses an enormous challenge for international firms that operate in countries where it is becoming necessary to adopt electronic VAT compliance and invoicing solutions. Having a global supplier that can provide alternatives with an international reach is key to driving data integration solutions for tax managers.

07 CIO | IT Manager

Procurement, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax management, transaction control...the need to implement data integration systems impacts numerous areas of a business which may have very specific management requirements but share a common denominator: the need for structured data exchanges between different information systems. EDICOM has one of the largest data integration platforms around. Our international platform is maintained daily by over 500 professionals dedicated to EDI B2B, B2G e-communications, VAT compliance, compliant electronic invoicing and internal app integration projects. Having a supplier like EDICOM is a guarantee of success when it comes to configuring data integration solutions for CIOs and IT managers.  

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