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Providing security, confidentiality and integrity to your electronic transactions

Security, confidentiality and integrity for your transactions and documents

The digital transformation and shift towards fully electronic models in business relations entail the need to protect the integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of exchanged and archived documents. To this end, security is one of the key elements in this new digital culture and digital certification its maximum defender.

In the EU, Regulation No. 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market (eIDAS Regulation) adopted on 23 July 2014 provides a predictable regulatory environment to enable secure and seamless electronic interactions between businesses, citizens and public authorities.

What are Trust Services?

As stated in the eIDAS regulation, a trust service is an e-service that is usually provided in exchange for remuneration and consists of:

  • Creation, verification and validation of e-signatures, electronic seals or electronic time stamps, certified e-delivery services and certificates related with the same.

  • Creation, verification and validation of certificates for website authentication.

  • Preservation of e-signatures, seals or certificates related with said services.

What is a Trust Service Provider?

A trust service provider uses electronic certification services like electronic signatures to guarantee the long-term integrity of an electronic document.

  • One of the most relevant aspects of the eIDAS ruling is the regulation of the so-called trust service providers. This is the figure of the technology provider with the required certifications and technical capacity to provide e-transactions with the trust mechanisms mentioned in the previous section: e-signature, time stamping, etc.

eIDAS regulation creates a cross-border legal framework that ensures interoperability of e-Identification mechanisms across all EU member states

EDICOM, eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider

Check out the qualified trust services we offer at EDICOM:

  1. Qualified certificate for e-signature

    The qualified electronic signature is the only one legally equivalent to a handwritten signature and with the same validity throughout the European Union. It guarantees authentication, integrity and non-rejection.

  2. Qualified certificate for e-seal

    This service is used to guarantee the authenticity of e-documents. The regulation states that they shall be admitted as legal proofs in judicial proceedings.

  3. Qualified time stamp

    The electronic time stamp serves to demonstrate that a series of data have existed and remain unaltered since a specific point in time. The qualified trust service provider acts as a third party that testifies to the existence of certain electronic data at a specific date and time. This mechanism applies to numerous e-documents such as invoices, orders, business transactions or financial bookkeeping records and is based on a temporary information source linked to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  4. Qualified preservation service for qualified electronic seal

    The preservation of qualified electronic seals involves an integrity guarantee with a greater reach than am electronic seal. This preservation guarantees the durability and reliability of the integrity mark represented by the electronic seal. EDICOM’s electronic archiving system (EDICOMLta) guarantees long-term electronic archiving thanks to the reliable qualified electronic seal preservation service vouchsafed by the eIDAS Regulation.

Certified trust services around the world

International certifications let us provide our solutions with tools that ensure the secure, comprehensive and confidential interchange of electronic messages.

The work of our technical officers has allowed us to obtain the highest certifications in trust services and we provide companies, communities and individuals with the secure online identification mechanisms that allow them to perform activities in which a digital signature replaces a handwritten one with identical legal guarantees.

We issue qualified certificates that meet the European eIDAS Regulation 910/2014 and can be used to operate across all the countries in the European Union. We also take charge of obtaining official acknowledgement in places outside of the EU where a company operates commercially.

In addition to the issuance of recognised certificates, other qualified services we provide include a qualified digital signature, time stamp and certified archiving.

The eIDAS regulation creates a cross-border legal framework that ensures the interoperability of e-identification mechanisms in all Member States. The aim is to remove barriers and provide digital signature identification and systems with validity so that individuals and legal entities can use their e-identification in any country in the European Union.

The services provided include the issue of qualified electronic certificates for digital signature and electronic seals, the issue of qualified electronic time stamps and their preservation.

ACEDICOMMX certification allows us to issue certificates in accordance with the provisions established in the Code of Commerce on electronic signatures. We also act as a certification service provider thanks to our accreditation from the Secretariat of Economy.

EDICOM issues certificates in Colombia and provides services in accordance with the corresponding national laws. The services allow users to perform activities using a valid electronic signature. To that end we provide certificate issuance services, time stamping and electronic document preservation.

Discover our long-term e-Archiving solution

EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long Term Archiving) is the certified and long-term electronic archiving system that EDICOM offers as a qualified trust service provider. Our system is designed in line with the eIDAS Regulation, the maximum regulation on electronic archiving in Europe.

The service applies identification methods, digital signature and electronic time stamping pursuant to the eIDAS regulation to all archived documents and data to ensure that file integrity and authenticity is protected over time.

How does it work?

Sign all your documents from a centralised platform

A Qualified Trust Service Provider enables you to sign all your documents with an electronic signature with identical guarantees to a handwritten one.

Take your company paper-free with this centralised digital signature and e-archiving management tool. The signature will ensure the legal security of users and guarantee the long-term safekeeping of signed documentation.

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Time stamping authority to ensure non-alteration and integrity

With timestamping it is possible to demonstrate that a data set is present and has not been altered after a specific point in time.

A timestamping authority such as EDICOM acts as a trusted third party testifying to the existence of electronic data on a specific date and time.

There are many uses for digital timestamping, such as certified invoice scanning, safekeeping of all types of e-documents and any process that needs to certify that certain electronic data were present at a given time in the form they were presented to the timestamping authority.

How can you use time-stamping?

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