Integrity, authentication and compliance with an e-Signature

Simplify and streamline the electronic signing of documents achieving eIDAS security and integrity requirements.

Electronically sign all your documents from a centralised platform

The EDICOM platform ensures confidentiality and security in digital signature processes.

Documents should be digitally signed to ensure that electronic business processes are carried out securely, comprehensively and reliably.

EDICOM is a Qualified Trust Service Provider certified to offer the qualified e-signature certificate service.

It provides users with the following benefits:


Usability via a simple web interface to manage the digital signing of your documents based on digital certificates generated and safeguarded by the platform.


As an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider, our electronic signature and archiving service is fully secure and guarantees information integrity.


Full legal guarantees to identify each signatory, the time of signing and document integrity.

Cloud platform to send and sign documents

Discover the benefits our platform offers your company:

  • Security: Electronic signatures are applied transparently and securely, ensuring user authenticity and awarding full traceability to the flow the document follows.
  • Cost reduction: Documents are stored in the cloud, eliminating spending on paper and physical storage. Administrative costs are also cut, along with the time spent signing large numbers of documents.
  • Time optimisation: The automatic, integrated and electronic processing of signage procedures cuts the time personnel spend on these tasks and streamlines formalities in business document exchanges.
  • Log in from anywhere: A cloud solution with secure identification mechanisms facilitates access from any device and any place, driving efficient document processing.

What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature gives individuals and legal entities the secure e-identification mechanisms that allow them to perform activities where a digital signature replaces a handwritten one with identical legal guarantees.

An e-signature guarantees source authenticity, i.e., the identity of the document owner. Authenticity is ensured by applying a digital signature to the document.

The eIDAS Regulation defines three types of electronic signatures

Basic or simple electronic signature

The regulations define this as “data in an electronic format attached to other electronic data or data associated with them in a logical manner and used by the signatory to sign”. It would include scanned signatures, for example and is a service which the eIDAS Regulation does not change with respect to previous legislation.

Advanced electronic signature

Identifies the user, is unique and is added to the document in a way that makes it invalid if the content is modified. Signatures are generated from a digital certificate, issued by an accredited provider in the signatory's name.

Qualified electronic signature

A qualified electronic signature is an advanced e-signature created via a qualified e-signature creation device and based on a qualified electronic signature certificate. The core advantage of this type of electronic signature is that it is the only one that acts as equivalent to a handwritten signature, with the same legal validity across all EU member states.

Functionalities of the electronic signature solution

eIDAS compliance

  • Document signage in accordance with the regulations (EU Regulation No 910/2014, eIDAS) by one or various users.

User management

  • Users with different roles can perform different actions.

Certificate management

  • Each user will be associated with a certificate they can use to sign documents that correspond to them.

User interface

  • Personalised user interface and customer look and feel.

Long-term archiving

  • e-Document archiving with movement log and traceability.

Independent workflow

  • The app will handle the creation, sending, notification, signing and display of documents and their status.

Discover our long-term e-Archiving solution

EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long Term Archiving) is the certified and long-term electronic archiving system that EDICOM offers as a qualified trust service provider. Our system is designed in line with the eIDAS Regulation, the maximum regulation on electronic archiving in Europe.

The service applies identification methods, digital signature and electronic time stamping pursuant to the eIDAS regulation to all archived documents and data to ensure that file integrity and authenticity is protected over time.

How does it work?

Time stamping authority to ensure non-alteration and integrity

With timestamping it is possible to demonstrate that a data set is present and has not been altered after a specific point in time.

A timestamping authority such as EDICOM acts as a trusted third party testifying to the existence of electronic data on a specific date and time.

There are many uses for digital timestamping, such as certified invoice scanning, safekeeping of all types of e-documents and any process that needs to certify that certain electronic data were present at a given time in the form they were presented to the timestamping authority.

How can you use time-stamping?