Long-Term e-Archiving solution with probative value

EDICOMLta is the long-term archiving service we offer as Qualified Trust Service Provider

Discover our compliant long-term e-Archiving solution

Physical space as we know it has disappeared from B2B environments.

Today’s digital and electronic business models are geared towards full digitisation of operations, including long-term archiving.

As part of our commitment to business efficiency and care for the environment, we have developed a long-term e-Archiving solution according to the European eIDAS regulation that applies security and trust mechanisms to grant probative value to archived documents.

EDICOMLta guarantees integrity and authenticity with probative value

EDICOMLta (EDICOM Long Term Archiving) is the e-Archiving system that makes it possible to classify, archive and consult documents, guaranteeing their integrity through computer evidence that awards them the long-term probative value.

The service applies identification methods, digital signature and electronic time stamping pursuant to the eIDAS regulation to all archived documents and data to ensure that file integrity and authenticity is protected over time.

The following four features enable the management and legal archiving of e-Documents through a secure web environment with 100% access availability.

  1. Electronic Archiving

    Mechanisms designed to identify, classify, preserve, display and allow access to e-Documents for information purposes, commercial or tax reasons, among others.

  2. Security

    Advanced digital signature and electronic time stamping systems to ensure the authenticity and integrity of documents from the moment they are archived.

  3. Long-Term

    Permanent reassurance of documents and monitoring processes to assure and preserve the information over time. Electronic signatures and time stamps are subject to periodic control processes.

  4. Accessibility

    System availability guaranteed under contract through our SLA (Service Legal Agreement). All archived documents are accessible through your own information system or by accessing a secure and personalised web environment.

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How does EDICOMLta provide preserved documents with probative value?

One of the principal values of an authorised electronic archiving system is the probative value of documents in any possible confrontation with a third party or potential dispute.

  • The application captures documents and automatically implements the crypto-mechanisms applied to them when preserved on the platform.
  • An eIDAS-certified qualified electronic seal and electronic time stamp are applied sequentially. Document integrity is guaranteed with the seal, while time stamping objectively demonstrates the exact moment (date and time) from which the document is preserved.
  • Electronic time stamps are applied on a recurrent basis (normally every two years) to extend the stamp’s reliability beyond its regular technological validity. The qualified electronic seal preservation trust service is used in this process. This service is certified by the maximum European authorities as a valid and legal procedure for extending the technological integrity of a digital document over time.

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Introducing EDICOMLta: Information management

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Introducing EDICOMLta: Document loading and querying

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Introducing EDICOMLta: Legal document audit

Maximum international certifications

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider according to the European eIDAS Regulation, we apply the crypto-mechanisms needed to ensure document integrity and authenticity and award them probative value.

Our system is designed and certified in accordance with maximum international standards on digital archiving.

We also have local certifications in regions where there are specific laws on electronic preservation, such as, for example, Conservazione Elettronica in Italy or NOM151 in Mexico.

ISAE 3402

ISAE 3402 homologation in accordance with the requirements established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

eIDAS Regulation

Qualified Trust Service Provider under eIDAS Regulation

ISO 14641

ISO 14641 guarantees the reliable operation of an information system for digital information preservation

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certifies secure information processing in a dataflow system

How does EDICOM Long Term Archiving work?

EDICOMLta provides users with a customised web environment designed with usability criteria and accessed with high levels of security. Integration via an API adaptor lets users log in directly from their own business management apps.

Once documents have been sent, either manually through the web environment or in an integrated fashion, the digital signature and electronic time-stamping mechanisms that ensure document integrity and authenticity from the moment they are logged on the platform are automatically applied to the files and documents.

With the qualified electronic seal, we guarantee the integrity of the document and with the Time Stamp we objectively demonstrate the exact moment (date and time) from which that document has been preserved.

Each document is stored along with an XML file containing the associated metadata. Metadata is essential because it enables subsequent document identification and retrieval. The platform enables webpage templates for the creation of standardised metadata structures. The metadata XML can also be generated automatically for processes that prioritise direct data integration between apps.

E-documents are archived in parallel fashion in two EDICOM data processing centres with their respective backup copies. The two data centres are located in different physical facilities although they operate in sync and uphold permanent real-time resource and data duplication. This ensures 99.9% document accessibility and high security conditions.

The platform incorporates different tools that enable document prioritisation and streamlined searches to optimise work times. Electronic archiving, document modification, folder creation, search filters, “favourites” option, document list, download and share options are just some of the many functionalities.

Permanent evidence tracing and recording of actions is performed during document archiving and life cycle. Some of the computer evidence that is logged and which comprises a document audit include: Evidence of creation, source, modification, deletion, downloading...

The eIDAS-certified qualified e-time stamp is applied recurrently and automatically to safeguarded documents. This is a valid method recognised by European authorities to extend e-document integrity over time.

A document audit can be sought at any time. This compressed file contains elements such as evidence, digital signatures and validation reports. All the computer elements needed to objectively prove document integrity.

Key points of the qualified e-Archiving service

Document accessibility

Document accessibility

Metadata archiving makes it possible to identify and prioritise documents, aiding subsequent document checks or retrievals. The e-Archiving system responds to a logic of data retention under technical criteria.

Legal conformity

Legal conformity

Electronic archives are preserved under the technical conditions regulated by Regulation 910/2014, known as eIDAS, on electronic identification and trust services for e-transactions in the domestic market .

Access to legal evidence

Access to legal evidence

The system enables a file to be accessed and downloaded with the electronic audit that certifies long-term data integrity and authenticity to demonstrate its legal validity before third parties.

Probative value

Probative value

Electronic signature provides a data retention system with guarantees of integrity and authenticity, assurances necessary for the system and archived documents to have legal proof value.

Document auditing

Document auditing

A file’s digital signature and electronic stamp are submitted to periodic checks to uphold their attributes of integrity and authenticity. This permanent audit monitors each user’s interactions with the safeguarded documents.

Integration with third-party apps

Integration with third-party apps

EDICOMLta can be integrated with a company’s internal management systems or EDICOM EDI and e-invoicing solutions, automating the safeguarding and preservation of these electronic documents.

Document hierarchy

Document hierarchy

EDICOMLta makes it possible to safeguard the complete cycle that each e-document has followed. For example, in a business relationship, the electronic invoice will be stored with links to the order and despatch advice message.

Data reversibility

Data reversibility

Retrieval of all data batches is a need that businesses face. That's why EDICOM guarantees the recovery and transfer of all archived documents and evidence such as signatures, time stamps, archive life cycle records, events records, etc.

Technology infrastructure

Technology infrastructure

Files are kept under a high-availability model based on the redundancy of the service. This guarantees availability of two data centres located in different physical facilities that operate in sync via a permanent replication of resources.

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