Practical applications of long-term archiving

We present some business cases on how qualified e-Archiving can optimise company management

How can long-term archiving help your paperless strategy?

Paper document management consumes a wealth of economic and human resources. For the digital leap in archiving to take place with full guarantees and legal validity, it is essential to use qualified trust services and archive documents securely for the time required by the law. We present a number of cases where e-Archiving can help a business's digital transformation.

B2G documents

Electronic archiving of documents exchanged with the public administration

VAT books archiving

With EDICOMLta you can securely archive and classify tax data

Human Resources Department

Centralise employee paperwork in a single file

Electronic archiving of documents exchanged with the public administration

The European Union is living in an era of digital transformation promoting the use of e-Invoicing with public administrations. This is set out in Directive 2014/55/EU making it mandatory for the European public sector and its suppliers to use a specific e-Invoicing standard in public procurement relations.

e-Invoicing processes are linked to a type of mandatory electronic archiving in many of the countries that confirms the digital transformation of businesses in these processes.

Implementing an electronic invoicing solution makes it possible to easily implement an automatic electronic archiving system too. This makes the two tasks of archive issuance and safekeeping instantaneous and error-free.

How does it work?

  • The EDICOM platform integrates with the ERP to issue invoices in the format required by the public administration concerned.

  • The EDICOM solution enables a direct, two-way communication channel that can automate both the issuance of invoices and the receipt of status responses.

  • The invoice is sent to the correspondent portal and is archived in EDICOMLTA.

  • The EDICOM platform receives the different ACKs (acknowledgements of receipt) that the administrations issue to report the status of each invoice and integrates them with the ERP, creating a set of archives and evidence pertaining to a single contractual relationship and facilitating document checks. These associated responses are also preserved in the long-term archiving service with full guarantees defined by EU Regulation 910/2014.

e-Archiving of VAT books

With EDICOMLta you can securely archive tax data on filed invoices and the status messages issued by the tax authority.

Secure, certified transaction safeguarding is needed in this context to have legal evidence in the event of any incident or third-party claim.

Give your tax documents archived in EDICOMLta probative value

  • EDICOMLta can integrate with your company’s electronic data interchange platform or internal management system, archiving a detailed log of the e-documents sent to the tax authorities.

  • Filed-invoice tax data and status messages issued by the tax authorities are securely safeguarded in the form of electronic files.

  • The solution applies metadata that make it possible to classify and identify issued documents and prioritise and relate interchanged ones. The system provides traceability and makes it quick to check and retrieve any file.

  • You can recover and consult files sent at any time, along with the acknowledgements of receipt that are preserved with them.

e-Archiving in the Human Resources Department

Human resource management in a company entails administering a large amount of employee-related paperwork (payrolls, contracts, tax reports, tax returns, time off work, special permits, travel expenses, etc.). HR managers face numerous challenges in document management: administration of large volumes of paperwork, a wide range of formats and types, classification, preservation, retrieval, etc.             

Given the sensitive nature of the documents processed, it is necessary to archive them under strict security conditions and be able to obtain traceability between the documents that form part of an employee’s file.

Centralise employee paperwork in a single file

This process is performed with a comprehensive solution that makes it possible to unify all document management electronically, providing the source electronic documents preserved in EDICOMLta with identical probative value as their paper counterparts. This means that 100% of archived documents are accredited by an international trust service provider like EDICOM, with a range of electronic originals that can be used at the request of authorities and third parties to settle any type of dispute.

  • The solution connects with the ERP to capture digital and multimedia documents. It is possible to send large batches of documents and store them under efficiency criteria by the employee’s ID.

  • Documents can also be uploaded by accessing the solution interface with a drag n’ drop system.

  • Qualified e-seals and qualified time stamps are applied to documents to ensure their integrity.

  • Documents are classified in the solution through a metadata structure agreed on with the customer and which features the employee ID. This makes it possible to create a trail that unifies all the employee’s documents in a single electronic file.

  • The solution sends a notification to the employee with a private and secure link to download the archived document.

  • Each employee has a private environment where they can check their file at any time. Also, all the actions performed in relation to each document, whether viewed or downloaded, are logged as evidence.